South Island Endurance Series Round 2 at Mike Pero Motorsport Park – Ruapuna

Mike Pero Motorsport Park boasts a long history of both 2 and 4 wheeled events and is close enough to Airways Motel to be able to drive there in 10 minutes.

The South Island Endurance Series is one of the bigger events to be held at the Motorsport Park and this time it was free for members of the public.

Ruapuna Park Gate

Originally known as Ruapuna Raceway, the motorsport park is run by the Canterbury Car Club and Mike Pero, founder of Mike Pero Mortgages and Real Estate, has had the naming rights since 2013. To get there you’ll be driving past idyllic farmland and then will suddenly the red Mike Pero signboard entrance will welcome you to the Motorsport Park.

Racecourse at Ruapuna

There is plenty of parking and then it’s just a short walk to the pit garages and the technical side of racing. A must go to for racing fans who can get up close and personal with the race preparations. For first timers there’s lots to see too, even tyres wrapped up in electric blankets to keep them warm! It’s a mini version of what can be seen on TV at major events!

Big Tyres for Racing Cars

A car ready to race

Racing cars just started

What happened on the track was what can be seen on TV too but in person it was different and even being our first visit we could see why racing fans love the sport so much. Greg Murphy was there to drive the second ½ of the 3 hour endurance race, we didn’t see him drive but it was good to be in close proximity to NZ racing royalty!

Kids on the grass watching the race at Ruapuna

One of the best things about Ruapuna is that while there are a couple of small grandstands, most people just sit on the grass to enjoy the action. That’s what we did and enjoyed a sunny afternoon break in the sun.

Black and Yellow Racing car at Ruapuna

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