Shopping for Covid-19 Accommodation

So that all guests are able to keep their rooms and bathrooms clean during the level 4 lockdown, we made the decision to supply toilet cleaner, kitchen/bathroom spray and a sponge for the bathroom.

Shopping for Covid-19 Accommodation

That meant a trip to the supermarket which is easy enough, but once there I discovered that these items (apart from the sponge) were in heavy demand and strictly limited to 2 items per shopper at all supermarkets.

I did try to get 6 toilet cleaners, which was not really in the spirit of the lockdown but the other choice was to drive around another 4-5 supermarkets, which the government is discouraging as well.

Shopping for Covid-19 AccommodationI got 2 each of the different brands they sell, Duck, Harpic and Strike but I didn’t make it through the self checkout. I was spotted and the extra items removed.

Shopping for Covid-19 AccommodationThat meant a couple of hours driving round different supermarkets. Why a couple of hours? Because 2 of them had queues to get into and took 10-15 minutes each, added to that the driving, shopping etc. and it was quite the marathon.

One thing I have been able to confirm from all this is that there are 5 supermarkets within a short drive of the motel. I will take that to be an important learning, just for the record

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