Safer Communities Together……. at last

There has been a lot of talk about checking on self isolators during their 14 day period of laying low. “It will be done” we were told by the Police Commissioner but then we found out it wasn’t being done, but sometimes it was, via text. All seamed a bit wishy washy….

Until today! Mid morning the phone rang and it was 2 in blue knocking on the office door to check up on a self isolator. We sent them in the right direction and while they were doing what they had to do, we took a few happy snaps to record the moment.

So, yes, visits are happening! Just lucky this person was not out for a run, walk etc. Should have asked those in blue what would happen in that situation!

We were asked what they are doing for food, to which we replied that we go supermarket shopping for them. They appeared surprised but it’s all part of the service at Airways Motel.

*for those from overseas etc. “Safer communities together” is the catchphrase for NZ Police, made famous in a reality TV show in 2013 when an officer urged a driver to blow on a hot pie before eating it. (google “Always blow on the pie”)

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