Mount Hutt Ski Area – A day trip from Christchurch

The other day, I was invited to go on a day trip to Mt. Hutt by one of my snowboarding friends. It’s just a 90 minute drive from Christchurch and we left in the dark at 7am. Along the way the day dawned and the beautiful snowy mountains appeared out of the darkness!

Many skiers and snowboarders were at Mt. Hutt this day because there had been 70 cm of fresh snow just a few days before. The parking lot was full to overflowing.

The queue for the lift was quite long and beyond that, from the top of the mountain, skiers and snowboarders could be seen gliding down.

For those who don’t ski or snowboard…

I don’t ski nor snowboard, but people like me can still enjoy the view from the highest point of the Mount Hutt Ski Area and it costs just $30.

The chairlift is primarily for skiers, so when it’s crowded people who just want to look at the scenery sometimes need to wait. When the crowds thin out, the lift becomes available for sightseers. That day we were finally able to take the chairlift at 3pm.  After paying $30 at the counter, you get a card with a QR code.

Next was to get crampons and if your shoes are not suitable for walking on snow, rental shoes are also available.

Once we were ready, the staff took us to the chairlift and we were able to “cut in” in front of the skiers.

The high-speed chairlift takes riders to the highest point on the slopes in no time. Immediately after getting off, there is an elevated area to the right, which is the observatory.

It is a superb view.

In the southwest direction, you can see the Southern Alps including Mount Cook, and on the other side is the vast Canterbury Plain. We could see an amazing view blue skies and no clouds!!

As most of the people ski down, sightseers get a steep downhill chair lift ride.

This is recommended for those who visit Mt, Hutt with children or friends who don’t ski or snowboard. On the lift with us this day was a family who came to enjoy a day in the snow and the scenery.

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