Motel life in lockdown

At the motel we have a number of guests who, by way of the lockdown, are pretty much living with us. Most of them want to leave NZ but they can’t.  In a weird way it’s a good type of guest to have and Hotel California does come to mind.

This means we have about 10 bubbles here at the motel and we need to make sure that no bubbles burst. When we went into lockdown, we upped our precautions to a higher level than before.

The 2 metre line on the office floor that had done so well for about a week became redundant when the office was closed, the office door locked and a sign in red saying just that was plastered on the outside. And shut it stays, we now do guest interaction remotely.  We also removed the outside communal seating and put a sign on the garden furniture (that cannot be moved) that it was not to be used during the lockdown (same as all the playground equipment).

We do love our guests but Jacinda told us we had to act like we all had Covid-19 and if that’s the case we don’t want need to be close in the office!  Jacinda also told us to be kind and so we are communicating via text messaging, emails, telephone and talking to them in the car park, with a good 2 metres distance.

How are we dealing with it?  To be continued……

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