Airport Shuttle Information

Our free Airport Shuttle is for guests flying into & out of Christchurch or picking up & returning rental cars close to or inside Christchurch Airport or the Mustang Park vehicle rental hub. Conditions apply. If you wish to use the shuttle when you arrive into Christchurch, please inform us of your flight number and arrival time in advance.
The free Airport Shuttle operates 8am - 8pm Monday - Sunday except Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day. After hours shuttle is available subject to availability and conditions.

Once you have your bags from the domestic arrival area or are out of the international entrance hall, call our free phone 0800 737 893. Don't have a phone? There are public phones next to door #7 in the international arrivals area, #6 in the international check-in area and #4 in the domestic check-in area. Coins are not needed to call.

The Airways Motel shuttle is a bright yellow van and picks up from the central island with the bus shelters outside of doors #1 and #2.