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Mount Hutt Ski Area – A day trip from Christchurch
24 Jun 2020

The other day, I was invited to go on a day trip to Mt. Hutt by one of my snowboarding friends. It’s just a 90 minute drive from Christchurch and we left in the dark at 7am. Along the way the day dawned and the beautiful snowy mountains appeared out of the darkness! Many skiers … read more

Safer Communities Together……. at last
9 Apr 2020

There has been a lot of talk about checking on self isolators during their 14 day period of laying low. “It will be done” we were told by the Police Commissioner but then we found out it wasn’t being done, but sometimes it was, via text. All seamed a bit wishy washy…. Until today! Mid … read more

Shopping for Covid-19 Accommodation

So that all guests are able to keep their rooms and bathrooms clean during the level 4 lockdown, we made the decision to supply toilet cleaner, kitchen/bathroom spray and a sponge for the bathroom. That meant a trip to the supermarket which is easy enough, but once there I discovered that these items (apart from … read more

Covid-19 lockdown at the motel – protecting our bubbles
1 Apr 2020

The most important point about the lockdown is staying in your bubble – this is how it works at the motel. In order to make the lockdown work at the Motel we have made some major changes.  The office has been closed, Self room servicing was introduced, A plastic barrier was added to the airport … read more

Motel life in lockdown
30 Mar 2020

At the motel we have a number of guests who, by way of the lockdown, are pretty much living with us. Most of them want to leave NZ but they can’t.  In a weird way it’s a good type of guest to have and Hotel California does come to mind. This means we have about … read more