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A New Start

A New Start

Airways Motel began a new lease on life on 6 March with Jeff and Naomi.

Things looked rosy, guests were happy, bookings were flowing in and we’d started to take a closer look at a few things, one of which was the tidying up the website.

You’ll see mention of COVID-19 – hardly an issue 3 weeks ago! But now as NZ is poised to enter lock down for 4 weeks, it’s a clear and present reality.

What a great time to buy a business!!

That said, Airways Motel is still a busy little bee with those transiting through Christchurch to leave the country and others self isolating for 14 days after arriving home.

We also have other guests from overseas who still don’t know whether they are coming or going, they are in limbo waiting to find a way home!


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